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~ Threat Assessment ~

Over the past fifteen years, law enforcement and public safety agencies have recognized the importance of forming interdisciplinary partnerships for the purpose of identifying those factors, behaviors, and patterns which can serve as "red flags" for early intervention to prevent a potentially life-threatening event. These partnerships have led to the fomalized discipline of "threat assessment" - a collection or practices and research born out the profiling practices of the United States Secret Service.


In just a few short years, driving by public concerns about school violence and mass shootings, establishing threat assessment teams has gone from a cutting edge approach to a best practice that is even mandated in some municipalities. Our consultants can assist you with:


  • Establishing policies and procedures for communicating and documenting potential threats within the organization;
  • Establishing policies and procedures for the analysis of potential threats by a threat assessment team;
  • Establishing guidelines and selection criteria for the composition of a threat assessment team;
  • Training the members of a threat assessment team; and,
  • Finding trained threat assessment professionals to serve as consultants.