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~ Threat Vulnerability Assessments~

A Threat Vulnerability Assessment (TVA) or Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) is a systematic, comprehensive review of all potential threats to an organization or site. It is performed in accordance with established industry guidelines and standards, and looks at all forms of loss: personnel, physical assets, and other areas such as impairment of the organizational mission. All TVA's and SVA's conducted by the Human Intelligence Group are performed by multi-disciplinary, professional teams using guidelines and standards drawn from professional organizations, government and industry publications, and peer-reviewed research.


Every organization, institution, and facility should have a current security plan, updated regularly (in accordance with the published guidelines for that industry), and based upon a comprehensive TVA/SVA.

We have personnel available to provide assessment services for a wide variety of settings, including:


  • Government Buildings and Offices
  • Schools, Universities, and Other Educational Settings
  • Office Buildings
  • Apartment Complexes and Multi-Family Housing
  • Shopping Centers and Retail Establishments
  • Restaurants and Entertainment Venues
  • Military Installations
  • Data Centers
  • Residential Communities